Styling short curvy girls with Nikola Valenti jewellery 

Clothes are one of the most important parts of a person’s physical appearance. Clothes do not just make you look good or highlight your features, but also say a lot about your personality. That is why it is essential that an individual dress according to their body type, in a style that suits them. There are several kinds of body types, and the three most common types are – ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. In this article, we will look at the endomorph body type and what kind of clothes will suit them.

We will especially talk about the female endomorph, who are curvier. They have wide hips and narrow waists, giving them somewhat of an hourglass or pear shape. However, height is another factor here. Taller women will have fewer curves than shorter ladies. But both are equally curvy and can style in clothes that will flatter their body type. Let us now look at some of the clothes that are suitable for a short and curvy girl:

  • Dresses with a defined waistline – If you are a short and curvy woman, you should wear dresses that have a defined waistline to enhance those curves more. If it is a dinner party, you can wear a little black bodice dress with Nikola Valenti jewellery to look more glamorous. Bodice and mermaid dresses would suit your body type the best, and make your legs look longer.
  • Wear high-waist pants – Another piece of clothing that will accentuate your figure is high-waist pants. They will give your wide hips and narrow waist a more defined look, and fitting jeans will make your butt look rounder as well. These pants will make you extra attractive and comfortable together. Therefore when you go shopping again, make sure to look for high-rise pants that will hug your figure in all the right places.
  • Do not wear exaggerated sleeves – As someone blessed with curves, you have to make them stand out, not hide them. And long sleeves may do just that. A pear shape or hourglass shape body also hosts square shoulders that look great in off-shoulder dresses, which is what you should focus on more and try wearing. With those off-shoulders, you can wear a simple necklace and enhance the beauty bone or collar bone more. This will make you look more attractive.

These three are the basic styling tips to follow if you are a short curvy girl and rock those pretty outfits.


Stella A. Campbell

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