5 Tips for Buying Men’s Watches

Watches are a classic accessory that can elevate any man’s style. With the wide range of men’s watches available today in different styles, features and prices – choosing the right one can be confusing. Here are 5 handy tips to help pick the best mens watches for your needs:

1.   Consider Your Style

Your individual style should guide your choice of watch design and features. Active men who lead athletic lifestyles should consider sporty watches with useful functions like chronograph stopwatches, speed calculators, GPS tracking and other tech features. Durable band materials like titanium or resin paired with water resistance make sense for outdoor pursuits. Sophisticated professionals should look for simple leather banded models with clean, minimalist dial designs to complement business attire.

For fashion-forward men, fun rectangular or oval shaped cases in bold colors allow you to make a stylish statement. Metal mesh or fabric bands add versatility to make these watches suitable for both casual and formalwear. Finally, men who appreciate old-school charm should look at classic vintage-inspired watches, often with leather straps and Roman numeral dials. Consider what watch styles best reflect your personality. An athletic guy, a fashionable dresser, a sophisticated professional and a vintage enthusiast will all desire very different watch qualities and aesthetics. Determine your preferences first, and then look for watches built to match your individual sensibilities.

2.   Watch Movements

The watch movement refers to the internal mechanism that powers and controls the watch. There are a few different types of movements to consider when buying a watch: Quartz movements use a small battery to provide energy to a small quartz crystal that oscillates at a precise frequency and powers the watch. This electronic mechanism makes quartz watches very accurate and affordable. They require less maintenance than mechanical watches since no winding is needed.

Mechanical movements have intricate systems of tiny gears, springs, and rotors that are powered by winding the watch. This finely crafted mechanics makes them appeal to watch connoisseurs, but also makes them costlier and require more maintenance. Mechanical watches may sacrifice some accuracy but are appreciated as skillfully engineered timepieces. Eco-drive is a solar powered quartz movement that harnesses energy from any light source – natural or artificial. The solar cell converts light to electrical energy which powers the quartz movement, eliminating the need for battery changes. It offers quartz precision without batteries.

3.   Watch Case Material

Watches come with cases made of various materials like stainless steel, titanium, resin or leather. Stainless steel is most common, has a chrome-like silver tone, and can scratch but polishes well over time. Leather is stylish but less durable and requires care. Titanium is extremely strong yet lightweight, with a darker gray tone. Resin plastic cases are very affordable, durable, lightweight and come in different colors. Assess your personal priorities – like style preferences, durability needs, or budget – when considering case materials to pick what works best for your lifestyle.

4.   Watch Size

Choosing the right watch size ensures an ideal fit. Measure your wrist to determine the suitable case diameter. Men with smaller wrists should look for watches 38mm to 42mm wide. Average wrists fit best with watches 40mm to 44mm in diameter. Larger wrists can accommodate bigger watches 44mm and up. Consider your height and physique as well – a petite frame suits a smaller watch versus a larger build that can handle bigger watch cases. Getting the proportions right between your wrist size, the watch diameter, and your overall body frame results in a well-fitted watch that feels comfortable and looks great.


Choosing the perfect automatic watch requires balancing style, features, quality and budget. Take time to research and try on different styles. Pay attention to size, strap material and watch movement. With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the ideal wristwatch to become your trusted daily companion for years to come. Let your watch reflect your personality!

Clare Louise

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